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Dec 23, 2020

This week I'm talking about not one, not two, but THREE women who committed crimes on Christmas Day. Spoilers: One of them involves a ceramic squirrel. Let's talk about Jasmine Jackson, Randi Young, and Helen Ann Williams who were all arrested for some pretty humbug-ish behavior this holiday. 

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Dec 18, 2020

Twas the night before Christmas...and murder was afoot. 

Our next murderess in our Christmas countdown is Michele Anderson, a family annihilator who murdered six members of her family the night before Christmas along with her boyfriend. Together, they murdered six people, killing essentially 3 generations of Michele's...

Dec 7, 2020

Our first murderess of the week is Melissa Young, a transgender Scotland native who was arrested for murdering her neighbor because he, apparently, hated his gift. Some gifts are literally to die for. Or kill for, in this case.

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Nov 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Due to some technical difficulties, I was unfortunately unable to upload this episode when I wanted (curse you computer), but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! If possible, I'll try to get a bonus episode up this weekend for y'all! 

Our murderess of the week was declared responsible for a series of...

Nov 9, 2020

Today we're covering Mexican revolutionary Petra Herrera, who also went by “Pedro”. She was an active participant of the Mexican Revolution under the leadership of Francisco “Pacho” Villa. When she was outed as a woman, removed of her military rank and status, she formed her own militia of women with members...